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What is Gravity League?

Grab your Gravity Gloves and prepare to compete in the future of ball games! Gravity League is a unique competitive multiplayer sports game that blends heart-pounding action, strategic gameplay, and a truly immersive virtual reality experience. The rules are simple - two players, one ball, zero gravity. To play, players use VR motion controllers to hit balls, trying to score in the goal behind the opponent in front of them. Getting the ball past an opposing player is worth one point. Players must also physically defend their goals similarly to a goalkeeper in soccer. Gravity League will make you break a sweat and have fun doing it!


Play your way: Mix & Match gloves in all shapes and sizes to find the best playstyle for you. Unlock unique athletes, apparel, balls, gloves, and stadiums.


Test your agility and reflexes as you unleash breathtaking shots that break the fabric of reality. Utilize a range of unique powerups to turn the tide of battle and push your opponents to the edge.


Battle your way through competitive online multiplayer leagues and become a Gravity Champion!


  • Fast-Paced Action-Packed Arena Sport

  • Compete in Electrifying 1v1, 2v2, & Wacky Party Mode Matchups

  • Competitive Online PvP Leagues (Ranked & Unranked Modes)

  • 4 Unique Glove Types (Defender, All-Arounder, Attacker, Heavy Hitter)

  • Thrilling Powerups To Turn The Tide Of Battle

  • Custom Glove Skins With Unique SFX & VFX

  • Variety Of Balls To Compete With

  • Quirky Athletes From Across the Universe

  • Distinctive Apparel To Customize Your Look

  • Roaring Stadiums To Compete In and Conquer

  • Unique Gravity IDs For Custom Matches With Friends

  • In-Game Voice Chat For Wholesome Trash Talking

  • Dedicated Training Mode To Improve Your Skills

  • Cheeky Sports Commentator Announces Every Match

Content Creator Program

Are you a content creator interested in making content for Gravity League? We would love to connect! Click below for more details about our Content Creator Program.




Since they were little kids, Omer and Gal (the CEO & CPO of Blue Duck Studios) have been inventing ball games. From their schoolyard to their living room (don't tell their mom), the two have never stopped playing, and their obsession with sports and competition burns as passionately as ever. Fast forward to the present, and what used to be their living room has now transformed into a virtual reality playground. "Once we discovered the endless potential of VR gaming, it was clear that we were going to create some kind of ball game," says Omer. The initial concept, conceived by Gal, has been developed alongside the Gravity League community ever since.

About Blue Duck Studios

Founded in 2022, Blue Duck Studios is privately held and made up of a unique team with diverse backgrounds in toy invention, mobile game development, and physics. Virtual Reality rewrites the way we play games and Blue Duck Studios is at the forefront of the expedition to unlock Virtual Reality’s full potential, implement innovative yet intuitive mechanics, and pioneer the future of immersive playable experiences. Games like Gravity League illustrate how Blue Duck Studios pushes boundaries in the virtual reality, multiplayer, and eSport spaces.

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